The drunk who wants to be your friend: Life Tip #2

September 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

Many of us enjoy clubbing and/or going to bars, some people enjoy going to swingers clubs, some people enjoy going to chess clubs and some people enjoy just being alone at home, having a lovely dinner for two with their left or right hand.

Let’s take the club and/or bar scenario here and this is known to happen with males. Females, not so sure, please do comment with any experiences?

It hits about 2am and:

Random Drunk Guy: Hey man! I love this tune!

You (A little drunk yourself): Yeah, it’s a good tune!

Random Drunk Guy: I *hiccup* don’t know where anyone is *laughs*

You: Oh ok…

*Random Drunk Guy follows you around for a bit after buying random shots*

The next day hits and you will hardly remember this person but may find a number in your phone stored as “New restaurant idea guy” or something along those lines. Oh dear, what a drunk night. Let’s say no to random drunks!

Will it rain in the UK today? Of course it will! Will this solution help? Probably:

Random Drunk Guy: Hey man! I love this tune!

You (A little drunk yourself): I’m going to be sick! *walk away fast*

Random Drunk Guy: …

No chance of a chat back and unless the random drunk guy is pretty weird and wants to follow you to the toilets to take part in this fake sick event, it should work! Maybe it will work with random drunk women too! Comment below and share your success or fail stories…


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