Why do we do it? Life tip #1

September 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

You are walking past somebody, a colleague at work for example:

You: Hello!

Colleague: Hey!

You: You alright!?

Colleague: …

The colleague has continued to walk away and not answer your question! But wait! you do it to people too! You will have all been in a situation like the above or similar, why do we do it? What has happened to human behaviour? Has communication broken down in corridors like a mime in a job centre?

We need a solution to improve this part of life. Screw the robot like system of communication and become a better robot! Or maybe that should be a person…

Here’s what we do:

You: Hello!

Colleague: Hey!

You: Can you help me please?

Colleague (stops walking): Erm, yeah sure what’s up?

You: Actually, sorry it doesn’t matter. So how are you anyway?

Colleague: Oh ok, yeah good thanks! You?

You: I’m good! Well, better get back to work anyway. See you later!

Colleague (maybe laughs): Yeah me too, see you later!

Communication just got a whole lot better! No walking away this time! Try it yourself or something similar and comment below about your results.

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