The Only Way is Embarrassing

September 4, 2014 — Leave a comment

TOWIE, MIC, Geordie Shore, The Valleys. These are some TV shows that have caused a viewing addiction among many of us and two of them, are thanks to MTV. A channel that was once Music Television but then became less music, eventually turning into no music. What’s with that?

We watch a lot of braindead TV in the UK and probably the USA too. Where does it end? In 25 years will we be watching Made in Mars?

Made in Mars Episode 1

Frank: Hey dude, like check out this alien babe I found at the Crater bar.

Tim: Wow, like totes martian amaze!

Alien Babe: Eeeee Ahhhh Woooo

Frank: Yeah, so anyway, about Sally, I totes took her to the moon and back dude.

Tim: You what!?

Frank: I’m sorry, just thought you should know, like.

Tim: I can’t believe it Frank, you are a total dick.

Frank: I’m sorry Tim. Hey like can I borrow your hovercraft?

Tim: …

David: Hi.

Tim: NOT now David! Totes bad time.



Let’s have less braindead TV, maybe less panel shows too. What TV shows should stay and go? Have you rant below…

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