Some things you should always say NO to: Life Tip #3

September 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

That’s right, it can be a very good idea to say no sometimes. Here are some scenarios where you should most certainly say no:

  • You are asked if you want to go to <place> with your friend and his girlfriend/her boyfriend/his boyfriend/her girlfriend/the aliens alien friend Nobody wants to be a third wheel stuck in the loved up mud
  • You get invited to a party with the person claiming that there’s <awesome sounding party ad>. There won’t be
  • Some friends are going our for “one drink” and invite you along on a work night It will be 10 drinks and ding ding! Half hour late for work!
  • Working on a Sunday
  • Having a night out in Coventry Unless you really have to!
  • A friend hints about throwing a party at your place for “a few people” Bring on the chaos
  • Your partner asks you to watch Twilight
  • Going clothes shopping with your partner


Any more? Comment below…

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