Learning clubbing language: Life Tip #4

September 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

So you are out in a noisy nightclub and you want to communicate with people, here is a brief guide on learning the clubbing lingo… This applies to clubbing in the UK and I can’t accept responsibility if anyone tries this and fails. I posted this a while back on another forum so here it is for you to enjoy once again! 1. *Arms in the air* “Tuuune!” You love the tune being played and are ready to start dancing away. 2. *Wolf Whistle Loudly* I am annoying everyone by wolf whistling loudly to indicate I’m enjoying the tune! 3. *Make a cigarette smoking motion with hand* Do you want to go outside for a smoke? boy_silhuette_1 4.*Flap your top/shirt and signal to the door with your head* Do you want to go outside it’s really warm in here!? 5. *Make a drinking motion with hand* Want to go to the bar mate? 6. *Point with two arms out at someone nearby that you know, while dancing* Alright mate! I know you! Yeaaahh! Come and attempt to chat! 7. *Stare at a woman for a long time* I want to talk to you, you won’t be able to hear me so I’m using my powers to make you come over here… Disco_Dancer_1_Remix_by_Merlin2525 8. *Smack your beer bottle on the top of someone else’s that you are with* Haha, yes I will be playing that prank all night and you have beer all over you! Want to go to the bar? 9. *Someone waving glow sticks around and going nuts* I do not work at an airport, I’m just raving mad! 10. *Drunk person following you around* I have lost my friends and want to try make friends with you in the meantime. Feel free to add any more in the comments…

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